BAM Wegen has the in-house expertise for almost any activity dealing with road building and management: from design to construction to maintenance. Moreover, BAM Wegen looks after projects dealing with the ground, sewage and environmental activities as well as noise reduction and area development. Comprising over 1700 employees and six locations in the Netherlands, the company wanted to improve their administration of working hours and travel time of field employees, not only because of big labour intensity, but also because reliability was of paramount importance. Adding to that, the increased pressure on being price competitive demanded a change of tactic.


At BAM Wegen, the information flow surrounding travel time and working hours is important for several processes:

  • to calculate the exact compensation of the travel time/distance in accordance with the collective agreement of the construction sector
  • for the subsequent calculation of projects based on time worked and traveled
  • to prevent extreme work hours in the case of very urgent and time-sensitive projects, such as applying heated tarmac in order to make the roads use-ready in a more condensed time frame.



Digitized travel time and work hours registration

In June 2013, Fleet Complete delivered a system that digitizes the complete travel time and work hours registration of the in-field employees. The system automatically determined travel time and processed it into a travel compensation in line with the collective agreement of the construction sector. It also registered the hours worked per employee per project and, as a result, BAM has at its disposal a comprehensive trip administration for tax purposes without employee interference.

Information linked to in-house ERP-system

All travel time and work hours data were linked to Metacom, BAM’s ERP-system. This ensured that all work hours information was immediately available in Metacom for subsequent calculations. In addition to that, the travel time compensation information was promptly included in salary administration. Fleet Complete’s software assesses the working hours based on the Working Hours Act. The project leader will receive a notification when employees exceed their work hours allowance, so that it can be addressed from the onset.

Get your Field Desk report at a set time via email

FieldExport and FieldImport

  • Receive your desired FieldDesk report by email at a set time. You can receive your desired report by email at a set time on a daily, weekly or monthly basis in a file format of your choice, such as pdf, RFT, CSV and TXT.
  • As an example, a report with the mileage driven, exceptions, project time, an overview of all active vehicles or any other report criteria that you would like to receive could automatically arrive in the email at a pre-set time.

Automatic registration of worked hours

Time Tracker

  • Simply put, the time clock reinvented. Time Tracker is the most advanced concept for recording travel time and working hours, especially for businesses with mobile employees. From departure time to finishing the shift, the activities are recorded and split over specific projects.
  • Fully automatic and accurate down to the minute.
  • Civil engineering industry
  • Digitized travel time and work hours registration
  • Information linked to in-house ERP-system
  • Accurate project planning based on time worked and traveled
  • Exact compensation for travel time/distance
  • Prevention of extreme working hours in cases of time sensitive projects

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