City of Tongeren “In need of correct information”

The City of Tongeren recently equipped all of its 49 service vehicles (cars, buses and trucks) with Fleet Complete’s Fleet Tracker solution. “This way, it is possible to view the position and status of each vehicle at any time through a website,” Wim Bosmans of technical services explains. “Also, the vehicles can only be started after the driver has logged into the system with an identification key; this way, we always know who drives which vehicle. We only use the car fleet during service hours and one of the advantages of the system is that it does not give an option to hide trips for personal use.”

The system has paid off for Tongeren very quickly. “In order to improve our service provision and gain insight into our working methodology, we primarily needed correct information: who does what, where and how long. On that basis, we adjusted the trips and schedule for our school buses, for example. Among other things, we are able to analyze the fixed path routes of our vehicle fleet, such as waste collection from the public garbage containers. Another application is using the system for our gritting service. This way we can quickly see what streets have been gritted, and where our gritting trucks are located. As for security, there is another positive aspect thanks to the immobilizer in the system, which has improved fleet safety.”

“Implementation of the system occurred after consulting with the unions and the drawing up of a rulebook clearly prescribed what it can be used for and who has access to it. This was framed in the privacy law. We have also once used the Fleet Tracker when we suspected irregularity.”

The City of Tongeren issued a public procurement in search of a suitable partner. “There were a total of five submissions, where Fleet Complete came out on top. The total amount came to 35,000 euro that included installation. As we went ‘live’ with the product, there have hardly been any problems and the system works perfectly and in accordance with the quotation. In case of any malfunctions, we can post our issue on Fleet Complete website and they always resolve the issue within short time frame without fail.”

Track your vehicles


  • The MGS10 will be mounted in your car
  • Using the GPS coordinates (GPS tracking) distance, speed and current location will be determined in real-time
  • The MGS10, combined with driver identification forms, is an ideal tool to simplify administration and optimize the business operation quality

Insight into your field operations using this online real-time reporting tool

FieldDesk is the central online database part of all Fleet Complete software modules. All information from the MGS10, Time Tracker and FieldMobile app will be sent digitally to FieldDesk and translated into clear, transparent reports for management and administration.

Automatic planning of project and service orders


DeskPlan is an automatic planning tool for project and service orders, enabling efficient and effective management through real-time comparison of project planning and progress.

It’s a great tool to service our customers. Because if a customer calls us, and says can your tell me when my truck is going to be here, we literally can go live, look at where the truck is, if he is experiencing any kind of problems – whether it be a mechanical issue or a traffic delay issue – we can give a pinpoint location of where he is, and we can inform our customer.
Guy Broderick,

Driver Training Supervisor
  • Granular route overview and analysis
  • Online position and status of each vehicle in real-time
  • Driver identification key to start the vehicle
  • Reliable and robust system

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