Man Down Pendants provide your drivers with an emergency response option when they have lost consciousness or are otherwise incapacitated in cases like a head injury or a heart attack.

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Man Down Pendant is a wireless unit that gives off an appropriate emergency alert should the employee become unconscious or injured. The pendant will activate when the unit is horizontal for a specific period of time and detects no movement, as may occur in the case of a head injury or a heart attack. In other instances, it can be used in the event of a bodily harm emergency, when the pendant can be activated manually to send an instant alarm notification to senior personnel.


  • Ideal for workers in unsupervised or remote areas to quickly and accurately communicate an emergency alert
  • Ensures emergency response even when the circumstance is out of the driver’s control
  • Provides duress options for workers working away from the vehicle mount
  • Helps meet Workplace Health & Safety (WH&S) law