The Soteria Electronic Logbook solution provides a simple and convenient way to automate time-consuming Business vs Private vehicle logbooks and calculate your maximum Fringe Benefits Tax return.

Many companies have vehicles that are used for both business and private purposes, therefore requiring meticulous Fringe Benefits Tax calculations. Traditionally, this meant completing paper logbooks, which can be both time-consuming and inaccurate. The ATO-approved Soteria Electronic Logbook provides a simple and convenient way to calculate your FBT return. Drivers can review each trip via the breadcrumb map function within the app and assign the correct information regarding business or personal use in a few easy steps at their convenience. Once completed, the data is stored and read for ATO reporting.


  • A seamless way to separate private and business use of vehicles
  • A 100% ATO compliant solution for FBT Reporting with maximum returns
  • Ease of use for drivers to provide accurate and easy-to-audit data for reporting
  • Benefits of automation for overall administration costs